What do female and queer healers look like around the globe and how do people use “magic” to create change? In its simplest definition, magic is understood as an attunement to “hidden sympathies between objects that allow one to influence the other.” I’m interested in how queerness, femininity, and magic as historical terms refer to uncanny people and things “othered.” Magic implies something with mystery and something about which little is widely known. This same ambiguity has been embraced by contemporary queer and feminist communities in complex and expansive ways. Many identities and lived experiences contain great power, despite society trying to deem people and actions as less-than or unnatural. Using will to bring about change in the world is also a form of magic at its core, and I am interested in how people affect the world at the crossroads of logic and intuition. This is an evolving project about experiences of depth, ephemerality, intuition, identity, and transitory spaces.