I am a visual artist, college educator, and freelance photojournalist living in California. My practice is rooted in photography and I am especially drawn towards utilizing analog film and handmade cameras to create imagined landscapes. Timeless aesthetics such as horizon lines, skyscapes, and mountains inspire me, and I often make images that question what it means to look into the distance. Using colorful dye to physically manipulate analog film, working with multiple exposures and/or light leaks, and building imperfect cameras out of discarded materials allows me to collaborate with light and space to create new kinds of landscape photographs. In graduate school I was building crude pinhole cameras out of mannequin heads as a metaphorical study of sight, and I enjoy the idea that the camera itself can be a conceptual player in the reception of an image.

Each gallery has an accompanying artist statement, and be sure to check out my CV for recent and upcoming exhibition information!